Hough Specialist Couriers Privacy Policy

I hold information about my customers as part of day to day business, acknowledging orders, delivering to customers, and issuing invoices. I work on a person to person basis, but also work with third parties who provide me with online services (email service providers and website hosting). I do not provide those third parties with customer information.

By placing an order with me, you are agreeing to provide me with your details, so that I can deliver my services. You are also agreeing to provide me with details of the address of the final destination and a contact name for delivery of items I transport on your behalf. If you do not agree to me having your details for the purposes stated in this policy, you should not place an order.

My Partners

In order for me to do business over the internet, I have third party partners who provide me with website hosting services and email services to allow me to communicate with you. I do not share your information with those third parties.

If you agree to provide me with a reference or testimonial for use on my website, your name may appear as the reference provider. No other details will be provided. If you prefer your reference to be anonymous I will comply with your instructions.

What I do with your information

I use the information you provide me with to be able to take your order, confirm details and undertake the work. I have contact details to contact you if I have a problem concerning your order and to contact you with responses to any enquiries you may make.

I use your information to enable me to produce an invoice for work undertaken. That information is specific to your order and is not used for other purposes.

My third party partners may use cookies to collect information relating to the use of their websites and social media services. These are not under my control and you should check the terms of usage for cookies on any third party service you use to find me before proceeding with use of that service.

Managing your information

I do not hold or retain payment information or any bank details. I have up to date anti-virus software which is regularly used and facilities for backing up my computer equipment so that I can keep my business data and records safe. I do not retain customer records, other than those required for the completion of an order for services on a case by case basis.

If I have received emails making enquiries, complaints or positive comments, I keep them in order for me to respond to you and follow up any ongoing or new enquiries or issues. Emails that have not been the subject of further correspondence are deleted after a year, if not sooner. I do not keep lists of email addresses or other contact details in databases.

What happens if you no longer want me to hold your details

If you no longer want me to keep your details please let me know by contacting and I will delete any details I have for you.